IMPaC Offshore Engineering GmbH is a family owned, independent company, established 1983 by Dr. Wolf-Dieter Longrée und Dipl.-Ing. Joachim Berger.

Main shareholders are today:

- Inka Longrée (Dipl.-Ing. Process Engineering)

- Mark Longrée (Dipl.-Ing. Architecture) (refer

In 2009 the IMPaC Mitarbeiterbeteiligungs-GbR (IMBG) has been established, owning shares of IMPaC Offshore Engineering GmbH together with IMPaC International GmbH.

Since establishment of the IMBG Stephan Walther-Longrée (Lawyer, Financial Director of IMPaC Offshore Engineering GmbH) is member of IMBG.

Currently the following additional colleagues have been appointed to join the IMBG membership (as authorised signatories):

- Heinrich Winter (Dipl.-Ing. Mechanical Engineering)